Welcome to Cumberland the Southern Public Defender Training Center

Posted: Fri, 07/27/2012 - 14:59

Cumberland School of Law will host on campus, from July 28 through August 11, 2012, the Summer 2012 Institute for the Southern Public Defender Training Center (SPDTC). The SPDTC is headquartered in Atlanta, GA. This is the sixth consecutive year for the Center to hold its annual training program at the law school.

“SPDTC mission is to provide outstanding public defender training to young lawyers and to develop a community of SPDTC members, graduates, public defender offices, and other organizations, tied together by the mutual objective to advance standards of public defense, and thereby optimize the collective ability to advocate for systemic indigent defense reform (http://thespdtc.org/about/why-we-are-needed/).”   

In fall 2011, the SPDTC was the recipient of the 2011 Emil Gumpert Award.  This is the highest award given by the American College of Trial Lawyers.  The award's purpose is to recognize an organization “for excellence in improving the administration of justice.”

For more information about the SPDTC, please visit this link:  http://www.thespdtc.org/