Bid Points

You have 30 points to distribute among the courses you request. These 30 points allow you to weight a course as to the degree of desirability and to influence the order in which it is scheduled relative to other students requesting the same course.  For other courses, students in each class year requesting a course with a weight of 15 (for example) will be scheduled before those who place a weight of less than 15 on the same course. A weight of zero is allowed. Zero weight assigned to a course will place the request among the last to be scheduled. A weight of 30 is also allowed. This weight assignment will place the request among the first to be scheduled. The total of all weights assigned must not exceed 30. Exceeding 30 will cause a rejection of your total schedule request.

Externship placements are not made based upon the point-bidding system. These placements are handled independently through the Clinical Office.

Third year students who submit their Registration Materials by the deadline are given priority in registering for all courses, except Basic Skills in Trial Advocacy.

A schedule of bid points required for placement in classes in previous semesters follows this section. You will notice some courses historically have required bid points for placement. Others have changed from semester to semester. This history should assist you in deciding how best to use the 30 points you have to your best advantage.

Review the bid point history from the last few semesters.

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