Fall 2011 Scholars of Merit

Course Course Number Faculty Scholar of Merit
Administrative Law 68601 DeBow, Michael E. William W. Hill
Adv. Seminar II/Shakespeare & Trial Advocacy 798WTA West, Kimberly Redman Laura C. Lundy
Advanced Skills/Trial Adv 804S Young, Deborah  Maurine C. Evans
Alt Dispute Resolution 67401 Strickland, Henry C. Kelly R. Speir and John W. Naramore
Analytical Methods/Lawyers 63001 Snoe, Joseph A. Jason E. Rudakas
Appellate Advocacy I(C) 820RS Davis, LaJuana S Clinton T. Speegle and Nancy B. Yarbrough
Arbitration 71001 Simpson, Wayne Scott Evan L. Clark and Katherine M. Garrety
Basic Skill in Advocacy 800S Carroll, John Lawrence Cory L. Ricci
Bioethics and the Law 74501 Smolin, David M. Jessica R. Burgess, Drury S. Holland, and Samantha R. McDermott
Business Organizations 52602 DeBow, Michael E. Michael P. Krombach
Business Organizations 52601 Stone, Ralph Thomas Jeffrey M. Putnam, Justin B. Cureton, and Lance W. Parmer
Civil Litigation Analysis 64201 McPherson, Susan Elaine Jeffrey M. Putnam
Civil Procedure I 50803 Ross, William G. Christopher K. Friedman
Civil Procedure I 50801 Royal, Dayna Brooke Julien M. Relfe
Civil Procedure I 50802 Strickland, Henry C. Thomas R. Frazer and James R. McLeod
Conflict of Laws 68301 Stoddard, Belle H. William R. Myers, Brian C. Richardson, and Daniel J. Ruth
Constitutional Law I 52201 Denning, Brannon P. Kyle M. Winters and Jessica R. Burgess
Constitutional Law I 52203 Ross, William G. Claire B. Foster
Constitutional Law I 52202 Smolin, David M. Joseph D. Thetford, William R. Myers, and Samantha K. Jolly
Consumer Protection 60301 Floyd, Michael D. Courtney C. Snelling
Contracts I 50603 Bishop, Thomas Brad Adam E. Tice
Contracts I 50602 Stone, Ralph Thomas Corey W. Bass
Contracts I 50601 Walthall, Howard P. Jared K. Barron
Corporate Finance 60701 Wilson, James C. John S. Rhyne
Corporate Taxation 65501 Blackburn, Joseph W. Joseph R. Britt, Gregory C. Bowman, and Ritesh Patel
Criminal Law 51001 Cochran, Donald Quinton Nina M. Towle
Criminal Law 51003 Davis, LaJuana S Christopher K. Friedman and Katherine S. Beall
Criminal Law 51002 Goodwin, Robert J. Kimberly K. Vines and Jonathan D. Wohlwend
Criminal Procedure I 66501 Cochran, Donald Quinton Kyle M. Winters
Domestic Relations 66201 Pate, James Gary Richard M. Cobb and Maurine C. Evans
E-Discovery 743WB Carroll, John Lawrence John W. Naramore
Employment Discrimination 70301 Greene, Doris E. Sloan L. Abernathy and Donna N. Adams
Environmental Law 69801 Greene, Andrew R. Drury S. Holland
Estate and Gift Taxation 60601 Stephens, Craig Martin Ryan J. Hicks and William W. Hill
Federal Courts - Civil 66001 Johnson, Herman Nathanial Katherine M. Garrety
Federal Income Tax I 66801 Blackburn, Joseph W. Evan L. Clark, Yawanna N. McDonald, and Devon K. Rankin
Financing Real Prop. Transact. 63801 Byrd, William Crumbly Jarot H. Scarbrough
Human Subject Research 799R Nelson, Leonard  Hannah L. Garner
Juvenile Justice Admin 68701 Smolin, David M. Elizabeth A. Eiland, Joseph D. Thetford, Keith D. Knowlton, and Jennifer E. Day
Labor Law 66701 St.Clair, Jay D. Katherine M. Garrety and Matthew R. Potter
Law Office Pract and Manag 829S Ennis, Leslie S. Mary H. Keebler and Catherine B. O'Quinn
Lawyering/Legal Reasoning I 51203 Baggett, John Mark Michael R. Lasserre
Lawyering/Legal Reasoning I 51207 Baggett, John Mark James R. McLeod
Lawyering/Legal Reasoning I 51206 Carroll, John Lawrence Courtney E. Bailey
Lawyering/Legal Reasoning I 51204 Schuck, Lynn Hogewood Leanne M. Cronic and Neil H. McCollum
Lawyering/Legal Reasoning I 51208 Schuck, Lynn Hogewood Nick A. Williford
Lawyering/Legal Reasoning I 51202 Shaw, Andrea Lynn Shepard Lance L. Goodson
Lawyering/Legal Reasoning I 51205 Stoddard, Belle H. Kimberly K. Vines
Lawyering/Legal Reasoning I 51201 Stoddard, Belle H. Leslye A. Lane
Media Law 65901 Royal, Dayna Brooke Jordan W. Busby and Katherine M. Garrety
Municipal Courts 62601 Bishop, Thomas Brad John R. Whatley
Negotiation 80101S Gaede, Anton H. Laura A. Blount
Negotiation 80102S VanPelt, Lewanda K. Laura Kathryn F. Terry
Patent Law 62101 Crawley, Diane Elizabeth Zachary H. Starnes
Payment Systems 53201 Hartzog, Woodrow N. Margaret I. Williamson
Pre-Trial/Trial Prac 824S Putnam, Terry Michael Katherine M. Garrety
Prof Responsibilities 54602 Brewer, Albert P. Drury S. Holland
Prof Responsibilities 54601 Ennis, Leslie S. Donald T. Davis
Race and American Law 708R Greene, Doris E. Donna N. Adams and Kori A. Bledsoe
Scientific Evidence 62301 Goodwin, Robert J. Maurine C. Evans and Katie M. Kimbrell
Sea/Ocean/Coastal Law 68801 Greene, Andrew R. Daniel G. Blackburn and Thomas B. Parker
Secured Transactions 53301 Floyd, Michael D. Robert A Jones
Securities Regulation 62001 Warren, Lavone R. Ritesh Patel
Selected Topics-Evidence Law 773R Young, Deborah  John P. Policastro
State and Local Taxation 71101 Denning, Brannon P. Brandon J. Clapp
State Constitutional Law 717R Walthall, Howard P. Philip A. Sellers
Torts 50202 Evans, Jill E. Brittany S. Norman
Torts 50203 Martin, Edward C. Adam E. Tice
Torts 50201 Nelson, Leonard  Christopher J. Doty
Torts II 73501 Martin, Edward C. Michael B. Almond
Wills, Trusts and Estates 54001 Smolin, David M. Katherine M. Garrety, Natalie M. Jayne, John S. Rhyne, and Kerra K. Hicks


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