Alabama Defense Lawyer’s Association (ADLA)

The Cumberland Student Section of the Alabama Defense Lawyer's Association began as a way to provide students at Cumberland School of Law with a truly professional organization similar to its counterpart, the Alabama Defense Lawyer’s Association (ADLA). ADLA is the largest specialty legal organization within the Alabama State Bar Association. Cumberland ADLA’s purpose is to promote awareness, fellowship, and professional development among law students who have an interest in dedicating themselves to the defense of civil actions and the promotion of fairness and integrity in the civil justice system.

Literally every civil defense firm in Birmingham, as well as hundreds of other civil defense firms from around the state comprises the membership of the ADLA. As a member of the Cumberland ADLA, you will have an opportunity to learn more about the type of work that these defense firms perform. You will also have an opportunity to meet members of these firms at conferences and conventions you will be eligible to attend as a student member.

Membership is open to any interested Cumberland law student or faculty member.

Association Benefits include:

* Subscription to the ADLA Journal.
* Invitations to attend ADLA events and conventions that will provide valuable networking opportunities.
* Meetings featuring speakers from defense firms and corporations around Alabama.

Deborah Young
President Alix Nix 
Vice President Clayton Cain 


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