American Journal of Trial Advocacy

The Journal is a law review dedicated to trial advocacy as a specialty within the law. The Journal’s successful endeavors are consistently listed as “Worth Reading” in the National Law Journal. Attaining membership on a legal publication during your law school career represents a high level of analytical skill and writing ability, and will open doors that might otherwise remain closed. If you maintain a class standing within the top third of your class by the end of your first year, you will receive an invitation to participate in the Journal’s Candidate Writing Program.

D. Wendy Greene
Woodrow N. Hartzog
Editor in Chief Dillon Bullard
Executive Editor Emily Slay
Articles Editor John Spade
Research & Writing Editor Ashley Hunnicutt
  Matthew Jager
  Virginia Underwood
Student Materials Editor Abby King
Symposium & Articles Editor Amanda Kisor


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