Cumberland Law Review

The Cumberland Law Review is the student organization responsible for publishing a traditional law review three times annually. It publishes significant articles authored by law professors, judges, attorneys, and other legal scholars. The Law Review also publishes superior student written comments and hosts a symposium in the spring. If you maintain a top fifteen percent ranking, you will be invited to participate in the Law Review Candidate Writing Program at the end of your first year.

Brannon P. Denning
William G. Ross
Editor in Chief Sarah Osborne (Sutton)
Executive Editor Jay Sewell
Managing Editor Amy Gonzalez
Associate Editor Alison Almeida
Associate Editor Joel Watson
Associate Editor Matt Woodham
Articles Editor Jimbo Dawkins
Student Materials Editor Courtney Dubberly
Writing Editor Faye Doss
Writing Editor Bradley Foster
Copy Editor Ashley Waldrop
Copy Editor Clay Johnson
Symposium Editor Jessica Brookshire
Research Editor Stefan Bachman
Research Editor Sam Pierce


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