Phi Alpha Delta

Phi Alpha Delta is the largest law fraternity with over 200,000 members worldwide. Distinguished alumni include: six presidents, two current Supreme Court justices, and numerous congressional representatives. Joining Phi Alpha Delta is a great way to become part of a worldwide network of leaders. One out of every six attorneys in the U.S. is a member of Phi Alpha Delta.

Phi Alpha Delta was founded in 1902 in South Haven, Michigan. Phi Alpha Delta is a law fraternity composed of law students, attorneys, judges, and educators. The fraternity is dedicated to promoting professional competency, service, and achievement within the law profession.

On a national level, Phi Alpha Delta provides many opportunities for networking and benefits for its members. Phi Alpha Delta is the only law fraternity with an on-line directory. It can be searched by name, state, zip code, or specialty. This is a great tool for networking within the fraternity. Phi Alpha Delta also offers benefits such as discounted auto insurance and car rentals. Phi Alpha Delta also provides five service scholarships annually based on outstanding service.

On a local level Phi Alpha Delta is a great way to get involved at Cumberland School of Law. There are opportunities in the area of both services and social activities. Phi Alpha Delta provides an opportunity to get together with other law students in a relaxed social setting.

D. Wendy Greene
Justice Sam Boukli-Hacene
Vice Justice Parrish Nordan
Secretary (Clerk) Cynthia Uptom
Treasurer Mary McDaniel


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