2013-2014 Academic Calendar

March 29, 2013 (Draft C)


FALL 2013 Academic Calendar

August 12 (Monday)

First year orientation workshop begins

August 19 (Monday)

Classes Begin

August 27 (Tuesday)

Last day to drop/add

September 2 (Monday)

Labor Day; no classes meet

October 22-25 (T,W,R,F)

Registration for spring

November 25 (Monday)

Classes End

November 26 (Tuesday)

Study Day

November 27-29 (W,R,F)

Thanksgiving Holiday; no classes meet

December 2-13


December 14



SPRING 2014 Academic Calendar

January 6-10 (M,T,W,R,F)

Mini Term

January 13 (Monday)

Classes Begin

January 20 (Monday)

Martin Luther King Holiday; no classes meet

January 21 (Tuesday)

Constructive Monday

January 22 (Wednesday)

Last Day to Drop/Add Courses

March 24-28

Spring Break

April 1-4 (T,W,R,F)

Fall Registration

April 2

Summer School Registration begins Online

April 21  (Monday)

Easter Holiday   (no classes meet)

April 29 (Tuesday)

Classes end

April 30 (Wednesday)

Study Day  

May 1-May 14


May 16 (Friday)



Summer 2014 Academic Calendar

May 28 (Wednesday)

Classes Begin

June 5 (Thursday)

Last Day to Drop/Add a Course

June 24 (Tuesday)

Mini-Term Ends

July 4 (Friday)

Holiday (no classes meet)

July 30 (Wednesday)

Constructive Friday, Friday classes meet – Last Day of Class

July 31, August 1 (R,F)

Study Days

August 2,4,5,6 (SA, M,T,W)



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